The CDDA Variety Pack

The CDDA Variety Pack fills a few gaps that I’ve personally experienced, and will add quality of life enhancements to CDDA itself, as well.

Currently, the mod adds an insulated jerrycan (holds 10L, bulkier than the regular version) that can be installed in a vehicle (Note: It’s an internal component, unlike the vanilla version), and two vehicles that rural USians are used to a lot: pickups with extended cab or an extended bed.

Future plans include electric pickup versions, a totally-safe-honest RTG heated liquid tank, 1 tile utility tool carts, and whatever else I can think of. If you have an idea, open an issue on the GitLab repository, or @ me.

It should (Should!) be safe to add this mod to your active safe, but proceed at your own risk!


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May I strongly encourage you to submit at least some of this stuff for mainline? People shouldn’t have to run a mod to get access to extended cab and extended bed pickups.


After reviewing the code of conduct and its commit history, I am not willing to contribute to mainline.

The differences between the original Contributor Covenant, and the code of conduct as it exists are large enough for me to maintain sufficient distance in the interest of my own well-being. I’ve observed enough red flags for me to arrive at the conclusion that the code of conduct largely exists to tick a box in GitHub’s project setup guidelines, and I plain and simple don’t feel confident that I will be understood, valued, or be respected, much less find the necessary support within project leadership should push come to shove.

That said, my code is licensed under MIT and mainlining doesn’t require labor on my part, only that the terms of the MIT license are honored.


The Code of Conduct was adopted to formally state that the developers want to foster an open and welcoming environment, which is something they had been doing since the start of the project. Yes, ZhilkinSerg pushed for it because he likes having checkboxes checked off, but no, that was not the only reason.

I am sorry you feel the way you do about contributing to mainline.


I heavily think you made the correct choice in doing this. Personal experience has told me that you’re correct in your assumptions, and I encourage you to keep working on your mod as its own thing, and not as part of mainline.


Thank you, and I will!

The first “official”, “general” release is ready, featuring several electrical variants of pickups, including a heavy duty, essentially self-propelled generator (which should be a rare find).

Official release download can be found here:

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YES, CREW CABS! Thank you!

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You are welcome! Please enjoy (and there’ll be a four door crew cab version Soon™, too) :slight_smile:

And the first bugfix release. I forgot to fix the coordinates for the extended range pickup, whoops.

Time for a new release?

Time for a new release!

Version 0.2.0 adds two work lights, and work on both genesets and item spawns has begun.

Note: When installing, make sure to overwrite the directory contents (GitLab creates “versioned” directories, so just extracting the archive doesn’t work; I’ll be creating a small CI instance to zip up a ‘proper’ release sometime soon).

Time for a pre-release!

Why a pre-release instead of a straight-up release when there’s no 1.0 in sight yet? Because this release adds gender expression via the character customization system (which is available in 0.D stable), and while I’ve done the best I could that doesn’t mean I got it right, and I would really, really, really enjoy feedback by NB, transgender, and genderqueer folx

If you want anonymity for any reason, you can use a throwaway email (MS’s makes the process reasonably straight forward) to contact me directly (see this link for options), or you can send an email to incoming+kretschmarschuldorff-cdda-variety-pack-12090380-issue- (at)

Note that the variety pack project’s code of conduct exists and applies, so don’t bother with harassment, transphobia, or trying to argue against me adding this.

Check the README for my rationale and how to use

Download at v0.3.0-pre-Stonewall