The Catacylsm DDA Map Editor

[size=14pt]Did you know that Cata has a map editor in the in-game debug menu?[/size]

It does! And it presents a great opportunity for users to show off their design prowess and suggest new buildings!

This is a thread for users to post concept images for buildings and structures they would like to see incorporated into the game.

Who knows? Perhaps some of the designs here could inspire our resident programmers.

Here is a simple example of what can be done in a few minutes with the editor.

On the left are concepts for various train cars.

On the right is that staple of rural America: the trailer. (Lawn couch not included.)

Of course, those are simple boxes. Here’s something slightly more elaborate:

These are amazing!

You just noticed.

Nice. That castle reminds me of NetHack’s Castle level. It would be cool to have a building like Fort Ludios that was a tip of the hat to a RL predecessor.

Nice, I’ll be keeping my peepers on this thread :smiley:

If anyone wants to draw up some ice laboratory rooms, feel free :3 Things that were mentioned were hallways with pipes/broken pipes, some testing rooms, things of that nature.

Nice! since RE:0 zombie infested trains are a dream to me. Well done

Not really an actual valid location for the game but this is the lab I have been using for my research on monsters:

I use the top left for testing melee and ranged abilities of monsters (those two lockers there are filled to the brim with meat and bones, the top right building divided in two is used for combat and grupal pathfinding the lower right is also for water related pathfinding the lower left is used for several monster speed experiments and further in the lower right is a house for my character

You… built a research lab in-game to do monster !SCIENCE!
That is so badass.

Full of blood… but so badass…

BTW, off topic: Can you use the mop to clean blood splatters?

This lab is amazing!

And what do you dev guys do in your “coders” build of the game, that is to be unveiled! :slight_smile:

Hopefully I posted that image right…:smiley: Right and bottom are two nicer mid-sized houses while the upper left one is obviously wrecked, complete with sewage leak… The selection of available building materials makes it a challenge…

I like the houses, MZ.

Skeletor’s summer cottage…

The houses are awesome!

Real nice. Though, I agree ; it would be great if the “terrain” palette has a little bigger selection of stuff.

Just wish I was fancy enough to post them up as code so they could be copy/pasted in :expressionless: As they are its just glorified concept work, and even then some of the symbols are hard to identify… I could sit around making house/business variants all day, though :slight_smile: