Is there a safe way to heat up multiple food items at once?

Mid winter, all my food is frozen (even in the fridge) and I constantly need to reheat food and drinks to maintain a healthy weight.

Drinks are easy- it reheats a container at a time.
Food however only lets me heat 1 at a time, it’s really annoying.
I feel you should be able to select multiple to heat up all at once.

Or failing that, maybe some sort of insulated food box to keep stuff from freezing- like a food bag that delivery drivers use- but craftable (Cause I haven’t found one and I can’t seem to craft one either) from insulation batting from ovens or other appliances and maybe aluminum foil and fabric/plastic to store a days food.

The long term solution is to move to a location with a basement or to dig a basement and move your food that shouldn’t be frozen down there. The temperature in a basement is approximately the same as in a fridge, so the spoiling rate is reduced down there.

The game contains one heat insulating container, as far as I know: the thermos. It should at least allow you to bring drinks with you during expeditions during the winter.

Fluids can be heated passively on e.g. fires, including to disinfect water. I don’t know with certainty, but suspect you can do the same with solid food, although it probably gets burnt if not removed in time.

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Yeah I knew about thermoses, fluids are relatively easy to handle.
But the basement might work- I am over a mine so I gotta be careful of digging too deep but otherwise I can store some stuff there to use for cooking.

Guess I know what I will be working on over the coming in game spring/summer!

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I’ve heard there are risks of cave-ins involved in digging basements. As a result of that, I always dig down two levels so there’s an unbroken level above the basement (save for the stairs). I don’t know if it’s an unfounded carry over from Dwarf Fortress, though.

If you’ve got a mine you typically have cool underground storage as well, although I’d want a basement eventually anyway (so I can do crafting out of the blistering summer heat, if nothing else, as well as sleep without sweating profusely). If you’re going to set up a temporary storage in the mine I’d recommend trying to bring a thermometer to check the temperature down there to verify the temperature is suitable.

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for food if you have a fireplace or something like it. put a pot into the fireplace along with fire (pot wont burn if metal) put the food in it. it will heat up the food automatically as long as theres fire under the pot.

I’ll try it- does the food eventually burn/set on fire or is it safe?

Food can get burnt by being by a fire for too long.

i think it eventually burns but iv never managed to burn the food. despite basically having a fire on all day with the food in a pot while i was crafting. to keep it melted

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I use the dutch oven to make my cheeseburgers warm all day long.
Its a rareish find, camp stores are those groups of killed hikers may have em

Dutch oven the highest level of cooking pot + fire just put the soup/burgers/pizza in the oven on the fire