Manually Defrost/Reheat food/drink

Seems like something that is probably in the works somewhere, but I havn’t seen it anywhere.

If you have a fire/cooking implements, you shouldn’t have to starve until you can cook with new ingredients. I can’t see any valid reason to not be able to reheat food since the temperatures rework.

Might even be a good idea to increase the temp on tiles adjacent to fires, since apparently being in a 6/2 room adjacent to a fire is insufficient to thaw/keep food thawed in early spring mornings/nights

You can (a)pply a cooking tool like a frying pan or whatever to reheat food.

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Exactly as Mantar said. You can just apply the cooking implement and defrost that way. You can even defrost drinks but keep them cold, which is definitely a pro.

Ah ok cool. Thanks, that is nifty.