Is there any possible to unfreeze the water from the water tank on the vehicles?

I can unfreeze the water from the toilet, but I can’t find any way to unfreeze from the vehicles, is there any way to do that?

If you have a kitchen unit and an empty container, you can use the food crafting option to make clean water. It’ll make the water hot from cooking it, but it’ll be drinkable and also clean to prevent any food poisoning. If you have other ingredients on hand, you can alternatively make tea or juices.

If none of the above are options for you, during the day the temps normally get warm enough for it to turn liquid for a while at least. Drink your fill then and try to drink as much as you can again just as the sun sets, before it refreezes… That should at least get you through til it thaws again the next day.

Leaving the engine on for a while should unfreeze liquids in vehicle tanks.

Is the player toon body heat enough yet (on person) to unfreeze or do we still have our stuff freezing on person?

Hate updating every 2 minutes.

It depends on how far below freezing the temperature is. Most stuff will freeze around midnight in early spring even if it’s on your person, but generally walking around isn’t a problem.

Ok. So it is subjective now eh. Interesting.