Terminator profession is inaccurate, weapons can't go back through time

So the terminator starts completely without clothing, insinuating that it’s freshly in the past. But it has a pulse rifle with it. This here is inaccurate to the physics of time travel. Don’t you folks pay attention to detail?

Our Time Travel Is Different.

That said even in the terminator movies the only official restriction on time travel was “has to be clothed in human flesh”, which made me always wonder why the robots didn’t just make an internal storage space and fill it with some laser guns to be cut open when the time travel process was complete (after all the terminator in the first one did do that mechanics work on his arm by cutting it open). Alternatively you could always just grow some flesh over the surface of whatever and send back your terminator and 4-5 “lumps” of storage containers covered by a thin layer of flesh.

…Someone correct me if I’m wrong on this but isn’t the weapon one of the Rivtech experimental weapons? Which leads me to assume they just found the rifle and decided clothing was secondary…

Pretty sure the TX in the third movie brought back a pulse rifle, by virtue of it being built into her body. Actually think she had a flamethrower too, she used it after the rifle got busted. Wait, now that I think about it the enemy terminators from the second and third movies didn’t have any living flesh at all, they had liquid metal exteriors. How’d they make it back anyway?

The second movie had some bar lady gawking at Arnold’s dong, yet he says he couldn’t bring any weapons. INCONSISTENCY!

Furthermore, the terminator contains no infrared vision in this adaptation when every unit Skynet sends out is standard equipped with such a feature. And they run off of nuclear power cells inside them, which the game’s power output of 40 or so power units do not stand up to the terminator’s, which could power a whole city for a day. A terminator can run for 24 hours a day for about 1000 days. This is an inaccurate portrayal.

Having seen a lot of Terminator related stuff, this is true.
i believe there was a case of a human assassin sent back with a gun implanted in his leg.

Yeah, but Sarah Connor Chronicles is barely canon. And that was a handgun, too. For Skynet to send him back from the future with such an underpowered, primitive weapon is illogical.

I say continue the Halloween branch as a sort of “Wild Wasteland” deal. This is too good a concept to let up. But flesh out the professions even more.

the Terminator is naked like the Shower Victim and both of them have an embedded match box and pocket knife to their skin?