Terminal width for 2560x1440 resolution?

the maximum is too narrow, is there a way to go above that?
2560x1440 @ 16:9

strange to find no input still on this, i’m sure there was a way i’d been able to size it correctly before for large resolutions.

If you are trying to play with a terminal size that large, good luck.

Try Windowed borderless, Fairly sure that increases term size relative to your resolution.

Even with an amazing computer, you are going to have performance issues running larger terminal sizes.
I’d suggest just playing with the default size, on fullscreen.

i’ve actually never had performance issues personally with cataclysm dda, i do have a highly insane $4,500 build cost gaming monster PC though.

Thats TooDAMNMuch :stuck_out_tongue:


i’ve actually got the corsair h110i and just gonna warn people, it takes some creative mounting, it doesn’t really fit that case otherwise.

also, not pictured, my pioneer receiver getting digital optical out, it has 2 klipsch reference II bookshelf speakers and a pioneer subwoofer attached, other than that the HTC vive.

actually… that reminds me, i need to set it up for this new dig’s wifi and do room calibration ^^

That’s about the price of every motor vehicle I have owned, put together. Plus a little more.

i’m still not sure i’ve talked myself out of an asus pg348q either.

$1099 to kiss goodbye right there, but it is larger resolution and screen and to be honest, my other monitor died during the move last night apparently.

but yeah, what if i wind up with a 4k display? it will happen someday, is there even a way to hack in my own support for such large terminal sizes?

it’s official, i now have enough screen size:

1080p 1920x1080

1440p 3440x1440