Telescopic Mirror and Cornershot

Two things that would make clearing corners much safer and easier: A telescopic mirror (or other handheld mirror) and a Cornershot. The mirror will allow you to peek around a corner without exposing yourself (to check for turrets around a corner, for example) and a Cornershot will allow you to fire around a corner without exposing yourself.

The Cornershot is a framework that accepts nearly any pistol and can pivot the gun around a corner. A camera lets the operator see without exposing themselves. It’s a real gun used by SWAT and special forces units. It also has an attachment for a 40mm launcher and an “Assault Pistol Rifle” that fires standard 5.56 ammunition.


You can already peek around corners without being noticed by using “X”, but the cornershot sounds like an interesting idea.

Soldiers have been taping shaving mirrors to their bayonets and using them to peek around corners since the Siege of Petersburg.

They’ve been devising various Rube Goldberg contraptions to shoot around corners or over obstructions without exposing their bodies for about as long. Those tend to not be as popular, because soldiers seldom spend enough time shooting around corners to justifying the sacrificed they make (less range, more weight, less maneuverability) in using them.

Last time I used X to peek around a corner at a turret, I got my face shot off.

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It’s safe to do so in current versions of the game. You can even step out and jump back, as it takes them a moment to aim.

I wouldnt mind the ability to fire while peeking, maybe taking an unaimed fastshot plus the time lf the peek, or at least the ability to throw a grenade around the corner to deal with turrets.

Tossing a grenade while peeking is already in game.

So, this?

I knew it existed before the movie by the way. I just find the film amusing.

Sweet, i tend to jump a few months between updates so i lose track of some features, thats awesome