Optiwands and ranged tasers

SWAT Optiwand/Fiberwire Camera/Camera On A Stick/Etc
A simple tool that allows you to peek around corners without having to expose yourself. Activating it works much like peeking around corners, except that you DON’T have to move around. In regular Cataclysm DDA, “Peeking” around corners involves shoving your entire body into the open and aggroing everyone for a split second. Activating the Optiwand will make it work like peeking around corners, except that it doesn’t aggro anyone because all you’re doing is sticking your high tech camera on a stick into the open, rather than your entire body

Picture from SWAT 4
Ranged Taser
While there IS a taser already in Cataclysm: DDA(called the tazer), it’s a stun gun(Not sure why they even call them “Stun Guns” in real life though, since they’re more like melee weapons) with a 1-tile range. A ranged taser would be nice. Something like this:

Pretty sure peeking around corners doesn’t aggro the baddies.

Edit: Also, drones have pretty much replaced the optiwand system the same way the optiwand replaced “slicing the pie.” I like the ranged tazer idea. Stun gun is like stun gloves, melee in design, tazer is the incarnation of Tomas A Swift’s Electric Rifle. Ranged stun gun.

Edit 2: By drones I mean the cylindrical remote control car type drones. The kind they throw threw a window. I didn’t mean the little helicopters.

Honestly, a Hand Mirror in the inventory should give us corner peeking ability of the optiwand as mentioned, in the sense that you don’t have to stick yourself out of cover.

Forgot to mention something else about the Optiwand: In SWAT 4, it’s also capable of peeking under doors, too.

That, too. Maybe the craft recipe should be a stick, some tape, and the actual mirror?

I remember I peeked a turret twice and it blew my head off the second time I peeked.

Needless to say, I’ve become very paranoid about peeking my head around corners, especially since you move your entire body to look and then come back into cover.

Then again, this was a LONG time ago, I suspect around late 0.B or early 0.C

This wasn’t actually caused by peeking making you vulnerable.
Around that time, there was a discrepancy in player vs. monster (and NPC) vision. You were vulnerable all along, it’s just that peeking took enough time to get you killed.
Nowadays this is special cased.