Teleporting NPC ally

I ahve an NPC who has been following me around as I explore a lab, but for some reason when I try to explore one of the levels she inexplicably teleports around. She doesn’t have any bionics or item that would allow that. Think it might be related to line of sight somehow, as she usually teleports and reappears when I break line of sight with her. For isntance, if she’s ahead of me in the dark - say she’s on guard mode - and I move into a light area - killing my dark vision, and moving her out of line of sight, then when I exit the light she has suddenly appeared behind me, on the complete opposite side of the room. There is nowhere near enough time for her to have gotten there more naturally. Bit of an issue if I’m trying to keep the NPC useful.

Also, as far as I can tell, I have no effects that would cause hallucinations of the like.

Is it possible the NPC got that weird teleportation sickness type deal? If not double check your speed/move cost. The NPC might be faster than you, especially if it’s a cold lab since IIRC NPCs don’t suffer from temperature effects. So while you’ll be slowed down from freezing your ass off they’ll run around in a spring suit picking up cans of soda or whatever it is NPCs do when you’re not looking.

Teleportation sickness? I thought that referred to various debuffs you get after teleporting, not a sickness that causes teleports. If there is something like the latter it would explain it.

As for the speed, I am slightly faster than the npc, but move rate is not the issue here. In the time it takes me to cross one or two tiles, they have moved around 20, in such a manner that it would have been impossible to get to their destination without passing through the tiles I could see, due to being in a hallway.

Did you happen to save-scum after death in that area recently? It can cause there to be a leftover entry for your NPC hanging around, so there’s kind of two of them for a bit, but it looks like just one who is teleporting here and there.
If so, saving and reloading in that location should fix it.

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Save scummed in the area due to NPC being a moron. Forgot to tell them to go into guard mode when I tried to go fight a shoggoth. So I quickly closed and reloaded the game. Makes sense that there might be two entries, as sometimes when I would use shout to talk to the NPC, it would give me two options. Properly save/loading in the area fixed it.

Happened to me only when I did a debug short tele with a NPC following. They started teleporting and randomly disappearing with every step I took. Reloading and not doing short tele with NPC in tow has fixx this. But this is just me and I was cheating and was for the mid october 2018 ex build

I had a similiar issue a while back but with zombies, when after savescumming all zombies around me would be cloned.

I tried to outrun 15 Hulks but as you might expect, they played volleyball with me.

Nice catch Mantar. I never would have figured that. What a strange bug.

This has happened to me a few time. Just wait it out.

Also, Teleglow has many effects, and at severe levels can actually lead to you spontaneously teleporting.