NPCs don't follow, even though they obey me

I saved the prisoners from the Mi go tower, I can give orders, set rules, but the pawns don’t follow me. I even tried to drop them and ask them to follow me. what is the problem?

Possibly the heat of the tower itself? They used to don’t like to walk through hot tiles and unless that changed they probably still don’t like to…

the strangeness increases. as soon as I got as far away as possible, 1 of the NPCs came out of the tower and followed me

You could also try to make a lot of noise outside, I had it once that they all moved outside to investigate and followed me afterwards.

In my attempt one of the prisoners was an Apis, so it might be that the one I managed to release was afraid of that hostile prisoner.

In my case, everything was fine. All enemies are dead, cells are open, and there is a passage. The NPCs were listed as my partner, but they were just walking around. Only 1 NPC followed me, but that’s enough for me

try giving them activated gas masks via “i want you to use this item”, it helped me once in 0.D

I don’t think there’s anyone left alive, but thank you for your advice

I have no idea if it would actually work, but I’d at least try to drop something, set up an unsorted loot zone over it and a zone into which it can be sorted, and then give a “trapped” companion the order to sort out loot. If the stars are aligned it might cause them to go out to perform the task. If that worked, you might even be able to pick the sorted item up, bring it back, and then give the sorting order to the next “trapped” companion.

I’d try GiggleGrassGatherer’s suggestion first and add the sorting only if it wasn’t enough (and retrieve the gas mask to give it to the next candidate if sorting was required but worked with the mask).

Sorry not really the same But at least on the same subject I have an mpc Who has broken his leg and 45 Days Past and he hasn’t healed even with splint and He’s staying at home to don’t take any damage and sleeping regularly I even debugd in Lizard heling mutation What am I missing?

You can view health points using the debug mode for NPC body parts, I haven’t encountered this yet, so I can advise you to carefully study all its characteristics.

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I have
it is unchanged for over 45 Days
I think it has happened before but I’m not sure

If you are very concerned about this you can use the debug menu and restore it

Not really that concern but I think it’s weird

sorry for going off Topic