What are your plans for the infrastructure?

Make it a list, because I seem to like those:

[ol][li]power lines, power sockets in the buildings, power plants, converter stations, pylons, lighting on the streets, maybe a random event, say in the first 1-10 years, when the power plant stops working, electricity is gone, fuel pumps stop working, the nights become dark, it could depend on the power plant’s type[/li]
[li]ports at river- and seasides with random supplies and industrial equipment[/li]
[li]industrial districts with factories, warehouses, truck depots, what not[/li]
[li]train stations[/li]
[li]big military facilities with warehouses, military vehicles, etc.[/li]
[li]car dealerships[/li]
[li]business districts with skyscrapers and stuff[/li][/ol]

I have some additions too:

1-Lumber mills;
3-Survivor camps(with NPCs);
4-Warehouses(with different things inside);
5-Water tanks/pumps(to get water);
6-Sex shops(mostly for fun, like killing zeds with a dildo).

That’s it!

A trainyard would make a fine addition to some sequences.