Tear gas and toxic gas has no affect on NPC

I made a test on the game, trap NPC and use tear gas and toxic gas on them, it seem they are immune the gas, whatever wearing the gas protection clothes or not

that make something weird, because tear gas was desige to drive people out, but for now, It was uesless to NPC, but PC are still affect with those thing, that just unfair

I wish the tear gas and toxic gas will have a lot effect to helping PC against those NPC enemy, making this weapon elements became are powerful weapon to human enemy.

I’m unsure whether any of the chem grenades really affect anything in the game other than the player. Maybe some animals? Hard to say. Unfortunately they all seem to do zilch to zombies, which makes the category pretty useless.

Still molotovs and zombie pheremones are pretty damn effective when used correctly. Grenades not so much.

You see, you are the only living human in the cataclysm. The others was humans too, but now they are just blob driven living things. I’m sure you already noticed their lack of common sense and their similar behaviours. The blobs raise the dead and heal the living as they mend the wounds with their own alien matter. This change the living as their brain and other vital organs mixed with the blob matter. Sadly, this is the fate of every survivor, soon the humanity will be gone and the Earth will be inhabited by living shells mimicking their human predecessors.