Chemical and biological warfare

What chemical/biological weapons would work against zombies and other critters. The standart mustard gas wouldn’t work on zombies since they don’t breath. But could you come up with something that would really hurt them? Maybe something like certain poisons that you can put on a arrow too shut them down or weaken them or just slowly damage them over time.

Could we have more enemy specific weapons besides the insecet/herbe/fungicide gas. Something like a extremely lethal poison gas that isn’t just random household chemicals thrown together. Maybe their are some chemicals out there that if you coat your weapon with it and slash something with it it will go into shock in seconds.

Do you have any more idea’s how a survivor could break the geneva convention on chemical weapons or know of any specific poisons of chemicals a survivor could use agianst their enemies.

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bioweapons wouldn’t work since they take too long

Anything that works on humans would work on humans (such as bandits), and probably on ferals too.
“Normal” chemical weapons don’t have to be inhaled, but can get in through the skin, and zombies aren’t exactly known for keeping their gear in order… Nerve gas that shut down nerves may not suffocate zombies, but if it blocks their ability to move in an organized fashion that would be enough, as would something that causes muscles to contract in a cramp. Thus, curare might work, but the source for it would be rather hard to get in New England, I would expect. Some snake venoms might work as well, although they’d probably take longer to take effect (curare isn’t instant either, for that matter, but might be fast enough that you can run away and it takes effect before you run out of breath).

It might not work on the Zombies, but I could see it versus other factions.

A fungicide payload would work wonders versus the Mycus. I could also see defoliation weed killer chemicals versus the triffids.

However, I don’t think pre-cataclysm I could see where a survivor would realistically have access to enough of these chemicals and payload delivery systems on a large enough scale.

Fungicide was mostly medical small doses. Stuff to kill infections and such.

Weed killers were made in mass quantities, but they were chemically engineered to only work on common crop pests. Or better, sprayed on crops made genetically resistant while weeds or pests were not ie: “Round up ready” seeds.

Now, I suppose survivors with high applied science and fabrication and access to a great lab COULD feasibly research this. But this is pretty rare and specialized knowledge. Plus, lots of dangerous chemicals that you cant just get easily. A possible late game goal, maybe.

The ancient game Sid Mieir’s Alpha Centauri had fungicidal weapons to fight their version of the fungus. Which was much more dangerous and widespread. It was possible to have continents of the stuff. But, the colonists of SMAC had industrial base, psionics, numbers, and factories to deal with this. Not to mention huge vehicles called formers that could literally raise land out if the sea, plant entire farms, create massive solar panels that could power bases, and forests of trees as well as remove fungus.

Would be an interesting thing for Aftershock.