Suggestion: Have NPCs want to learn?

Right now you can teach your NPCs about anything you can manage out of a book, but I was wondering if there could be NPCs that desire knowledge?

NPCs could have quests where they want to learn about X until they reach level Y, but either they don’t have a book for this level, they’re illiterate, or they are farsighted and can’t read without prescription glasses. The NPC could also have the book, but just want you to read it to them since they are illiterate or need glasses.

NPCs, while you’re not exploring, fighting, interacting with them or having them assist you with a task, they could sit down and read a nice book, for fun or for skills, or practice melee or ranged weapons, maybe on a fighting dummy?

What’s needed is that a dummy would have to be a new furniture item, would not be able to teach beyond a level [has similar horrors in comparison to allowing gyms to give you stats], a special prompt where the player can say that “everything’s chill, go play while I do stuff”, and then the ability for NPC to know when everything is not okay “Crap! I triggered a trap!” “A zombie’s coming towards me!” and be able to react or revert.

Any thoughts on this? This could just be for NPCs wanting to read books by themselves.

Yes this is a bit copy-paste but wanted to post on forum for more brains.