Taming an owlbear

Is it possible?? I’d LOVE to know.


No, none from the magiclysm mod for that matter.

The only tamable pets are the dogs,cats,horses,cow.
You could say the summon are tameable since they spawn as friendly, if you have the arcana mod too, there is the air talisman that lets any friendly summon to be treated as a dog/cow/horse (in the way that you can rope it,attach bags or ride it,)
It has good synergy withe animal summons mods

the other way to enlarge the list is to use the mods that lets you tame insects


You forgot birds! They can be tamed too.

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the most dangerous of pet the cock(hey hey i know what you thinking you have dirty mind the bird you dirty minded freak jk)

Owlbears have been psychotic bundles of hate and player character murder in basically every edition of D&D out there. Taming them normally doesn’t happen. That being said, that’s an awesome idea.

Wait…that’s how the air talisman works? I’ve never used it because of materials cost. Might need to revisit that, if it means I could summon up some of the eldritch horrors from the Nether and ride them as trusty steeds.

You can made anything tameable with a small edition to the json file. If that bring you more fun just do it.

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thats how it works, but iirc you can only ride the jabberwock summon, the others like the yugg, the shoggoth has the option greyed out, but nothing like a quasi immortal bag carrier

it can get out of hand pretty fast, i have the mod that lets you tame insects, found a nest of wasp and those things are lethal to unarmored zombies. now i feel sad since my swarm died ºnº

My condolences for your swarm.
What I mean with my post is: if you made a change that bring you joy, do it, dont mind “realism”, “ludicrous”, “impossible”.
Its supposed you play for fun. For suffering just go to RL.
(Mount is rabbit and ride to the horizon followed by is Ice Giant pet)


generally if you think it isn’t possible, its probably not
anything in the “monster” category will likely just try and eat you

now now, i know i said it would spoil a bit of the fun if you could tame powerful mobs. but i just added the tag “birdfood” to them to be able to tame then, and is getting pretty fun, you get close enough to use the birdfood, but if you miscalculate and somehow end with less movement points than the mob, you get attacked, if not, you succeed and get a troll/owlbear/or whatever mob, to use as a spear head at clearing cities, feels like a beast tamer xD