Taller buildings visible on over map suggestion

I was thinking about how far I can see from my back yard and realised I could see large stretches of field, then trees, and then over that way out in the distance I can see a taller building. What if that was the same in Cataclysm? When you’re walking through a forest the overmap reveal range drops by quite a bit, using that same logic what if taller Z level buildings got a boost to reveal range? So that for example, a three story building will appear amongst the distant ####s in the map and then as you get closer you see two story buildings and then the one story buildings retain the usual reveal range.

Probably a good thing to add to z-levels actually.

If a building is X number of stories, add that to sight range calculation.

I know that forest will cut down your range of vision on the overmap a lot.

I think it’s calculated in one direction though, rather than the other way around, so that might be hard.

A view from the rooftop of a tall building should grant a nice scouting (view radius) bonus.

Radio towers should be visible from far away.

I guess one issue here is that CDDA doesn’t have topography. Everything on the ground is on the same level. No hills, no valleys. And uhhhh how far away should a radio tower be visible from the rooftop of a tall building?

Could start with something simple, such as radio towers being revealed from quite far away. Are apartment buildings notably tall in CDDA?

A message should also appear in the log:
You see a radio tower far to the north.
You see the top of an apartment building some ways to the west.

Yes indeed! It doesn’t need functional typography, I’m just suggesting that buildings with more than 1 Z level get a boost to reveal depending on the amount of Z levels.

I didn’t think about radio towers but I agree with you there too