Stay ahead of the Horde!

what about a game mode where you have to stay ahead of the massive horde? zombies are at half speed and are traveling east to west, or west to east, but you HAVE to stay ahead of them. this prevents you from bunkering down in a base, or looting a town to the last house. instead, you only have time to check out the most important buildings. roads will only take you so far because if you hit a dead end and are surrounded by trees, your only choice might be to ditch the car and continue on through the woods on foot. you always have to keep your condition in mind and try your HARDEST not to get sick. getting sick could get you killed…

whatcha guys think?

Like, a those games were there is a wave and you have to keep ahead of it?

Actually as a game mode, this idea sounds so fun!
Of course, the thing is how to depict that horde. Because if you keep spawning enemiesd the file could get really big and there could be a lot of lag. It should be some kind of instadeath thing i guess, you get engulfed by the horde and you die, the horde acting like a wave.

Code wise, we should need some kind of “trap” item with the letter Z and described as a zombie horde. So like, it would look like a horde in game, if you make it slowly advance to the west, and it would occupy all the terrain behind them, at the north of them, and at the south of them, and advancing to the east, one tile each minute maybe.

Hmmm, i think it’d be really hard but oh, it would be incredibly interesting and would add an objective, and also a lot of FUN!! things regarding trying to escape at the last moment.

Also if you get in the line of sight of one of the Z autodeath traps, it should start to spawn some zombies on top of it wich would not be affected by the trap and would try to kill you, simulating the actual horde.

Sounds pretty good to me :slight_smile:

This has come up before. I don’t think any of us are opposed, though it’s been a low priority.

Implementation-wise, we could have the horde “consume” (delete) map so it doesn’t make a huge savegame. The way I’d imagine it is the horde would in fact just be a ton of zombie hordes pre-programmed to move in one direction in a solid wave, unless you catch their attention. The further into the wave you get, the denser the zombies get, until it’s eventually a zombie on every square. Even the toughest vehicles would have trouble making headway through that, especially with zombies bashing on them every turn.

cept maybe an armored road roller with turrets?

Nah, if it’s a game mode it should scale up to the point where even that can’t hack it, possibly by just having enough hulks around that they smash it.

That’s quite terrifying…

Would that be easy? It could be quite a good new air for 0.D, maybe!

I think the hard parts are things I want to get done for 0.D anyway.

Great! Happy 4000 posts, by the way.

If its under 9k it doesn t matter !

Perhaphs a breakthrough, basically a win condition of the mode if you get to the other side of the hoard and it just continues the other way :stuck_out_tongue:

This would be a ton of fun to play. Although It seems like you’d be able to “win” by building a fast car. I also sort of like the idea that you could theoretically get through the hordes. Drive far away, begin building a sprawling death bunker, try to survive long enough for the wave to pass over you. That or build a death truck and pray it can at least make it past the hulk wave before disintegrating.

Would make grenade turrets very useful.