Tactical flashlight

I didn’t find it in item browser and never met this in the game yet. Tactical flashlight as a weapon mod, do we have it? I think if we’re up to implement it, it should hold maximum 50 charges of batteries since it’s smaller that ordinary flashlights.

Weapon-mounted flashlights or other activatable tools would run into the fact that items of type “GUN” do not like having use_actions added to them, as the hardcoded mod removal menus seem to be tied to the item type.

We haven’t bothered so far since you can just have a flashlight in your inventory, at some point we’ll get stricter about having to wield or wear a flashlight for it to have an effect, at which point a tactical flashlight will be necessary.

Though the wearable flashlight is too delicious not to use. owo

Wait until your worn flashlight is directional.

So long as NPCs can’t exploit that to figure out when to sneak-attack me, sure. XP

That’s almost certainly not going to happen, though it’s possible the tactical flashlight will be (since it’s being updated with sub-turn resolution).

What, directional lighting, or making NPCs able to abuse that?

But yeah, far as I can tell the first obstacle would be making weapons able to have additional use actions and ammo.