Tables going through walls ( Official 0.8 Release )

I find that Pawn shops and Houses sometimes have tables over walls allowing to walk through the wall!

I’ve seen tables like that, like a counter built into the wall that allows some connection between two rooms; like a kitchen counter built into the wall between it and a dining area. It even makes sense to have something like that in a pawn shop, with the owner behind the counter, along with anything that he doesn’t want to have lying around in the open.

Of course, this is probably not intentional, but it’s a more interesting layout than currently exists.

I have seen things like this in labs, fridges in particular.

Thanks for reporting, possibly something about mapgen has gotten out of wack.

I’ve only seen this with counters (I have also seen a cart in a wall but I’d assume that’s unrelated), in a military outpost and a pawnshop at least, possibly other places.

Yeah I guess it could be cool to have that but the vision is blocked unless you are on the table that is where the wall should be.