Constructing counters can replace wall

Just as the title says. I managed to replace an internal wall of a house by constructing a counter in it’s place.

EDIT: Have replicated it with a bank wall, as seen in the picture below. Does not work when I tried to do the same outside.

Hopefully no one will use this to make the game easier…

Hehe I’m breaking into banks and police stations using this bug … "Ain’t got no time for your fancy smancy computer terminals, I’mma just BASH yo wall into a counter!

Yeah, the construction commands could use work in general. When you move a piece of furniture through an open door, it disintegrates the door; when you move furniture along open ground, it leaves a trail of flooring behind it (no need to spend tons of nails on building a roof to protect from acid rain; just drag a bookcase around); and while counters can be built into walls to replace them, they can’t be built on stone floor… if you’re already standing on a stone floor. If you’re standing on regular floor adjacent to a stone floor, you can totally put a counter down there.

I think mostly what’s required is to differentiate furniture from terrain, such that a piece of ground might have a piece of furniture on it, separate from any items that may also be present.

EDIT: some quick testing confirms the general problem behind all this; the legality of furniture construction seems to be based on the terrain you’re standing on, not the target terrain. Which is bizarre.