Taaanks [Merged]

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cue blushing dragon o///o

In any case, hope the vehicles don’t look too derpy.

meh i now can screw off in a wasteland with a tank… now if only you could make me a Bradly with a 25mm chain-gun i could have a fire team with npc’s

Was pondering the idea of autocannons too. We do have APCs and what seems to be the Cataclysm future equivalent to IFVs, though the only apparent difference is charging stations for whatever futuristic gear would have rechargeable mods installed. I should test whether you can mod the UPS to be rechargeable…

I also need to test whether vanilla vehicles can be overridden, then I could adapt the mechanized infantry carriers to have a few extra differences compared to the standard APC.

As for NPCs, hell yes. If I could get them to man the main gun. That, along with holding onto extra ammo and handing it over when I run low, will likely be a pipe dream.

And…which build? Ah, let’s see. As far back as…um…whenever they added the mounted versions of the M240 and M60, and/or whenever treads, shock absorbers, and rebar armor to Blazemod.

EDIT: This update to the main version likely marks the farthest back the mod SHOULD be compatable: https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/commit/3acd006cf0bb05e79410bcede3a314699dc58707

iv unzipped the mod to both the experimental and current and it just crashes… and you never know about the NPC’s i thought having a tank would be a pipe dream

Yes you can, but it’s largely useless.
A7 drains through UPS in 5 full bursts, and hv. power armor can power from it for 250 turns.
[sup]Unlike bio-UPS[sup]it needs nerf[sup]seriously[/sup][/sup][/sup]

UPD: In fact, every tool which runs off electricity can be modded.
I do rechargable mods for every tool if I’m playing bionic-less builds. [sup]Because of bio-UPS[/sup]

Huh, that’s odd. Does it puke up any debug errors when trying to load or start a game?

Oh. Wait. Shit. Actually the farthest back this’ll be compatible is as far as the update that added heavy-duty quarterpanels and compact seats. I forgot something important I added, such fail.

EDIT: That’s fail SQUARED, not just forgetting how recent those part additions are, but forgetting parts that had their origins in my initial development of tanks. ;w;

i replaced the data folder in current with the zip i downloaded, ill see if that works

Hopefully, so long as nothing unrelated breaks from that. ^^"

note to self don’t do that everything related to the game broke… cant find fish, dirt and so on

Edit: just using the mod gives me this error loading data from json data/mods/tanks/vehicle groups.json line 2:5: unrecognizable JSON object , type: vehicle group

Huh. How old is the version you’re testing that in? That sounds like it’s old enough that it predates the introduction of vehicle groups. O.o

the current version, the newest experimental just crashes it outright

That’s odd. Crap. Let me test it…

EDIT: It’s working on experimental version ee5e06f at least, huh.

EDIT 2: I’m grabbing the latest version 3421 on the list here ( http://dev.narc.ro/cataclysm/jenkins-latest/Windows/Tiles/ ) to test.

EDIT 3: Not encountering any issues. o.O

Maybe I did something wrong, I downloaded the zip took the mod tanks and stuck it in the dda mods then ran the game, do I have to do anything else?

That should be it, yeah. But how old is the version you pasted it into? ;w;

Windows stable the same website that you go to get to the experimental downloads

…doh. There’s the problem. In particular, 0.C stable lacks vehicle groups.

Can I chalk that brain fart up to lack of sleep or am I just retarted

I can be a major derpdragon at the best of times, so it’s understandle understandable. ^^"

EDIT: See what I said about derping?