Survivor towns

We need survivor towns without zombies, with fenced perimeter and guard towers, with lots of friendly(or not if you start to kill them) npc, with shops, special missions, ability to buy house there.

Maybe not from start, as you found your self in shelter just after evac. Maybe after ingame year or so, you can come across such survivor town

NPCs need to be fixed first, it’s already planned. Go look at one of the other twenty threads suggesting NPC related things.

yeah NPCs are massively bugged right now, it’s going to be awhile before we have any NPC run forts or settlements. for right now i’d be happy if they didn’t crash my game a few dozen turns after recruiting them.

Yeah, but all those other twenty threads have people saying “NPCs need to be fixed.”. I don’t get why we have a complete lockdown on all suggestions relating to NPCs purely on the basis they’re bugged now.

The large collection of NPCs would probably instantly crash as soon as you interact with them, so there isn’t really a point.


Sorry, I didn’t catch the second part of the OP :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you read op-post?

Are you kidding? I feel like at this point, popular culture has trained enough people to deal with a potential EotW scenario that, when it happens? Yeah, we’re gonna have walled-off guarded-and-stocked communities within… I’m gonna say twenty minutes.

I, personally, would pillage the nearby U-Haul, and then use my newly acquired fleet of trucks to loot every grocery, hardware, and gun store within fifty miles. Then? Then, truck-city.

My point was, NPCs aren’t going to be crashy and buggy forever. There’s no point in going “All NPC suggestions must be shot down immediately because there’s no point if it can’t be in the game as it stands”.

Anyway, I imagine there would be a slowly growing thing as survivors get more organized. First they’d stay in barricaded houses, then fortified 4x4 parts of town and then finally clearing out and securing the town.

you can add a survivor town as mobs and not as npcs. you make them a bunch of armed, psycho crazies. you can have ‘religious compounds’ and the leader is a guy who thinks he is the messiah. make him a like a zombie master boss. who can summon more survivors and revive them.

you can have doomsday prepper towns…

you can even have a bunch of white supremacists. then we go in and kill them. and we can take their heads as trophies and mount them on the walls. If we do the last one we have to make sure people know we are mocking the racists and not joining them. So they don’t get turned off.

we could also do a town full of former congressman and senators… they built it with government money. then again we might flag the NSA for this one.
or we could do the brittish royal family… off with their heads.

What would the British Royal Family be doing in America? Let alone zombie infested America.

dunno. big UN meeting about the zombies. they all went zombie.

zombie petty 3rd world dictators…

Zombie Assad. The guy used poison gas on his own people. He deserves it.