Just a huge thread to make this much more fun!

Well firstly i want to say my spelling is not the best, im typing really fast ignoring the capitals so dont go all grammar nazi on me.

Well i was thinking today to write this but i was very lazy at that moment but suddenly at 12 am i got the force to do it lol anyway what should i start with AH YES!

Npc’s -

The only Npc’s that exist at the moment are just npc’s in the shelter i was thinking of adding a few more like Bandits, Bandits would go randomly around the map and rob and raid towns and other npc’s, the bandits would come on foot or on cars and they will do stuff in the world and not just spawn around you sometimes, the bandits would be either highly geared bandits or just low geared theifs, if they find you either they will rob you or kill you or take you as hostage but you can be really creative with this idea and develop it.

Second NPC i want to talk about is just plane survivors or groups of survivors that also will roam around the map, you can accidentally meet them to, they will trade with you or you will be able to join them, they will also could drive in cars and be low geared or highly geared, bandits and survivor groups would fight with each other and both of them can take hostages to each other.

Camps & Towns - you could find Camps with people in them, bandits or survivors, you could sleep there and trade with people and join them or they will join you, purchase things there.
Towns and camps can get raided by bandits and get taken over or by other groups of survivors, also towns and camps can get raided by zombies and turn the camp into zombies, you can also play with this idea and develop it.

Zombies - Also i was thinking what about feeding zombies in the city’s who pay less attention to you because they are feeding on human bodies at the moment.

A lot of this is in the works already.

NPCs are a long-term goal, but they’re so incredibly buggy that I get the impression the devs are working on pretty much everything else first.