Civilized Outposts?

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this,

but for having to play the game for weeks and getting to learn more about the game, and with the new update today, I was wondering–

Am I missing something? I love the game, with all its little details, and buildings, towns, and abandoned safe places (Cabins, mansions, farms) that have one or two zombies in them, but will there ever be a place, small or not, that’ll just have NPC filled buildings, maybe trade outposts, or a re-taken bar where you could get new quests or friends?

I love the game and know its in alpha, but is it planned for there to be more NPC interaction in the future? Its actually kind of getting depressive to play such a challenging game, with only the starting NPC at the shelter (who may sometimes be an asshole) and the occasional wandering feral dog to keep you company while you slaughter mass amounts of zombies.

We DEFINITELY plan on adding NPCs as a part of post-apocalyptic survival, yes. We just need to make them stop crashing so much first. And then hopefully make them smart, as well.

If you hit ‘#’ you can see all the major factions in your world, they also show up on the two-way radio, they just don’t (seem) to do anything yet.

(I assume calling for help on the two-way doesn’t do anything at least)

short answer yes, more npc interaction

long answer: TL;DR, see short answer

Yeah, they’re gonna be in. but there’s a lot of stuff they need to add in before that… e.g, the multiple Z-levels, fixing the thousand and one bugs and other important stuff.

And before they get to any of that, NPCs are pretty broken right now.

As for the current factions in your world, unfortunately it seems they’re just a placeholder for now.

Even in 0.4 I had very few a problem with NPCs. As of 0.5, I’ve had none at all.

What’s so broken about them? They seem practically infamous.

They’re not very advanced, I’ll admit.

game crash, reports of world not loading, corrupting saves, shooting you indiscriminately.

mostly the game crash though.

Mostly, it’s an assortment of crashes and bugs that nobody has gotten around to fixing. The actual intelligence could use work as well, but it’s mostly the overt crashes and bugs.

Those topics were all posted within the past day, btw :P.

Personally, I think I should play with NPCs turned on for now, and try to chip away at the crash bugs while playing. Dunno if the other devs have any immediate plans for NPCs or not, though.

It’d be big of you to do that - the NPCs/missions really do add a much appreciated extra dimension to the game, even with their mediocre intelligence. I find myself really eager to be able to play with them again; right now I miss them enough that I have them switched on and am just saving regularly in case of crashing.

Let’s say - five thousand people are playing C-DDA at this very moment, can there be 500, maybe 600 willing to aid in course of NPC situation with 0.5? A bug fixing note on this forum, a small portion of space on the web is all it takes to make a big database of bug reports when dealing with NPCs; it’s a small, very small effort from each and everyone’s side. I’d suggest .log files packed into .rar and a nice “Thank You!” every time someone uploads.
It’d make wolf’s job into kitten’s mittens, for all I know.