Request: Stump stove(s)

Dude was streaming and he wondered if he could do anything interesting with a tree stump after chopping down a tree.
I remembered reading something about stump stoves way back when. Google came up with a bunch of variations. Some basic tools and you get a long lasting fire, a stove, maybe some charcoal and then the stump’s pretty much gone. Survivalist gold? :ok_hand:


Me and my Pa used to make these. Good Times

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Swedish torch method? All you need is an axe and/or a saw (plus tinder/kindling).

I actually really like this. The Swedish torch method seems doable with basic tools like an “innawoods” character would have. And just having anything rain resistant without needing to build a wood stove or fireplace would be awesome.

So many useful primitive skills people don’t know these days.

After being stationed in Alaska for 5 years, part of a Task Force specializing in Artic Warfare, I will never again take for granted the ability to stay warm.

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It can get cold here