Survivalist healing

While healing in the wild should be limited compared to the benefits of premade bandages and first aid kits, I think it’d be nice at least have some alternatives.

Herbs poultice
Mainly used to clean infections and relieve inflammations, but it could be expanded to also provide general healing for gameplay reasons.

The poultice could be applied by chewing some healing herbs and applying them to the wounded area, or by placing a rag over the wound, then some herbs, pour some water over them and finally a plastic bag. The latter method would require the player to stand still from about half to several hours, but would be a more potent healing process.


  • Herbs (poppy flowers? there’s no many other options as of now)
    [for the non-chewing solution:]
  • rag x1
  • water OR clean water
  • plastic bag x1

Alternatively, makeshift bandages could be made in a similar fashion.
The biggest problem here is that we only have one flower (poppy) and several edible vegetables. Probably some kind of new generic “healing herb” would be needed for all this to make sense.

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I agree. As an alternative to the poppy, until all real-life medicinal herbs with different effects are added to the game I would suggest just adding Kingsfoil from Lord of the Rings.