Survival additions

In this thread there are some additions that would make surviving more interesting.

1: if in the forest you find certain leaves with enough survival you could make a leaf funnel
2: ability to chop down bamboo (invasive species won’t be controlled) and use them as sticks/get liquid from inside.
3: fishing? and the ability to create dams to funnel fish to be able to spear (stick) fish
4: house boats maybe? would be a fairly safe place but would have to be built
5: if fish are added, add a bonus to the rate of crop growth rate from fish fertilizer
6: ability to make a filter using survival and fabrication to be able to drink river water (not standing because of acid rain
7: being able to make rafts to carry gear along a river

Leave comments about these as I would love to see these added

I think a lot of the river stuff is planned, it’s just not on the priority list right now. There’s also currently a charcoal filter already in the experimentals. :slight_smile:

I like the leaf funnel idea.

I guess the bamboo idea would be shot down because it’s supposed to be New England.

And as somebody pointed out, river stuff is planned.

Re: bamboo in New England.


Polygonum cuspidatum is native to China, Japan and Korea. In the United States it is found from Maine to Georgia and west from South Dakota to Oklahoma. In the western part of the country it is in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado and Alaska. This plant has been reported from all the states of New England.[/spoiler]

EDIT: note that it’s not closely related to bamboo, but it would serve the same purpose of providing hollow, bamboo-like stems.

I have found it in Vermont myself.

Yea, it’s a very hardy plant, it’s all over.

Yeah, I’m in Canada, north of New England, and wild bamboo likes to take over my yard. Kind of a nuisance, since it gets filled with wasps if its not cleared out regularly.

one word.


Bear grills profession.

Your leaf funnel can just have its ingredients added to the makeshift funnel item. (idk the difference between legit funnel and makeshift). Leaves could possibly be used in various survival activities right? I imagine they could even be used in clothing repair or maybe a grass armor? (My irl survival skill 0).
If we found random bamboo patches, they could possibly be smashed and dissasembled into (more survival-esque items). All I can think of is sticks. A bamboo javelin? I think that bamboo shoots are eaten in Asia, so how about that as a possible food source there. Bamboo shouldn’t be a container, so you can’t get a liquid from it.
Also, the Reality Show Survivor profession. Dayum, this must go in! The last thing they expected was the apocalypse, at least they know how to butcher squirrels efficiently.