Surrounded by ants - what do?

I coughed all night and woke up to this:

Make chitinous armor.

I… I went down into the basement, and back up, and now they’re all gone. Goddamn dynamic spawns.

Inmolate yourself!!
The ants will never see you thanks to the smoke

Edit: Oh the ninjas!!

That can happen, if you sleep close enough to an anthill (or other monster ‘nest’) that spawns occur in the local are - they just keep spawning all night and accumulate.

Sleeping in the basement might help - I believe the surface level is not ‘in play’ if you do that.

[quote=“John Candlebury, post:4, topic:2871”]Inmolate yourself!!
The ants will never see you thanks to the smoke

Edit: Oh the ninjas!![/quote]


God help me, I laughed.

But yeah, I’ve had this problem before-- just not in the evac shelter. Mine was a fortified public works with no anthill in sight.

I don’t make a safehouse anywhere near an anthill now. If you go to sleep they’ll be clustered around your windows in the morning. Not sure how they can hear me or smell me when I’ve not moved or left my shelter though. Do not get surrounded. If you are unhurt you should be able to outrun them.

Don’t sleep within 10~15 or so map tiles of an anthill on the map or this situation will be guaranteed to reoccur.

Luckily, ants, soldier ants and ant larvae cannot break through windows or doors. haha, stupid bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also simply run.
But you must be quick, or they’ll smell you and then try to catch up after you.

I dont know what your skills are…

break benches
get 2x4s and nails. all windows and board all doors but 1 door on the opposite of the house. leave enough 2x4s and nails near that 1 door to board it in a hurry.

assuming you are new…
go out and grab 50-100 rocks. take multiple trips. bring back and stack.
unboard 1 window near the ants. when they break it will be in broken glass and they will be slow.
have a pointy sticks and rocks on you. check you armor at @ make sure your not encumbered at all. arm encumberance hurts throwing.
throw rocks at ants. throwing trains quick.

whne low on rocks. reboard the window. get more.

you can train pointy sticks some too if you think you handle it by aattacking in melee and backup.

Ants are very dangerous, when I first started playing about a month ago I was like ooo ants, and I run straight at them and get swarmed with about 20 of them. I must say this game is rather tough for any new player who just charge straight into any situation.

The big idea of the game is to learn how to avoid dying horribly, hell that’s half the fun! nothing quiet like feeling like you can take any zombie the game throws at you and then discovering hulks for the first time.

My current character has had a rather disappointing experience with hulks. He’s survived for ages, torn through a few towns, and only ever encountered one zombie hulk. It busted out of an apartment block he was approaching, and then just stood there doing nothing, even as he strolled up to within about 5 squares of it.

Eventually he just shot it repeatedly in the head with his bow.

Kill one then expect 50 more to take it’s place…how it goes for me :slight_smile: haha…then again I never ventured in any ant-hills due to lack of smoke or ammo to go and kill the queen.

I had 3 anthills within 10-15 squares of each other on a map I generated before right close to where my fresh spawn was. I “tryed” to play it and get out of there when I only saw one anthill but when I noticed the other two I decided just to kill myself honestly.

i do like the idea that shelters have spawns near them. generally they are too safe.

There’s something to be said for allowing the player SOMEPLACE safe.

Unless you are like me and every second map or so I spawn in a city or town and get overrun by Zs.