A rude awakening

So I put on my blindfold, engaged my sound dampening CBM, and went to sleep inside my tricked out RV as is standard procedure. After a while, I was wondering why it was taking several minutes to complete a half hour time tick. Finally I awoke, removed my blindfold, and beheld my answer.




Get out of there!

Did you have auto turrets on you rv?

Yes, plenty, but for some reason that is beyond my recollection, I had deactivated them that night. Better believe they came on as soon as I looked out the window. In hindsight, I was in no real danger inside the armored RV, but I noticed my NPC companion was gone. She had decided to heroically charge into the fray with her longsword while I was sleeping. Somehow she was still alive and fighting when I found her (first picture) and I managed to get her into the vehicle and we shot our way out of the swarm.

I feel like this is either a bug (nyaa) or poor balancing of ants’ ability to multiply. I used a scouting tool and there did not appear to be a nest nearby. Where the heck did they all come from?!

Is the ant hill layout still iffy? As I recall, the bugged (heh) ant hills have massive layouts, with the rooms not connected to each other, so while the ant hill doesn’t seem visible, you might be near the underground chambers which causes the horde of ants.

Just my theory anyway.


I’m not going near an ant hill until they fix the layout of it. Tempted to, since the massive size ant hills might provide a ton of eggs, but wading through insects, especially after wading through so many irridated wanderers is something I got no interest in doing.

But you can eat insects. They’re unlimited meat and they come right to you!

But you can eat insects. They’re unlimited meat and they come right to you![/quote]
Chitin too. Provided of course that you want/need chitin armor or you want to start a farm. Although if you are that close and want a farm you maybe I slow town for a while.

This is not a bug, but I would agree that it is aggravating how quickly they multiply. It’s so the swarm actually grows before the player stomps them, since outside the reality bubble they’re static; and if it was a sane rate, then the limited time inside the bubble would generally mean they don’t grow, unless you end up in these cases where you spend a long time nearby.

I can’t make out the details too well, what are those screenshots for, ants?

Yes, so dense in places that there was just a wall of ants occupying every single tile for a considerable area. They multiplied suddenly overnight while I was sleeping. Fortunately no human lives lost that day.

My guess is that you’re pretty near the chamber where the ant queen is.