Super stocked basement

Now, I’m not sure how ful basements can get in the current version, but since I’ve played, the most I’ve gotten is a few cans of beans, maybe a backpack and maybe a flashlight.

Then, this happened;

So yeah. Does anyone know what the chances of this happening are? Like, seriously, this is cray.

The save is available for anyone who wants to check it out or get an easy start, if you want it.

it happens from time to time. Rare enough to be a pleasant surprise.


is this the evac shelter basement? if so then that means you probably have the city size set to 1 or 2.

Wow, what a basement!

Does city size influence basement loot?

it has when i tried starting with city size 1 or 2. it’s probably a bug.

Yeah, I’ve seen this a few times. Not that often, but often enough.
Usually it’s filled with a few zombies too-- and I usually play on city size 3/4.

I’ve found a basement stuffed full like this in the basement of the second evac shelter I found. City size is on 4.

1/15 chance if i remember
no option affect this
It’s here already from some time ago anyway, just do a research guys :confused:

It’s just a stocked basement. Those exist.

I have that happen from time to time and I play on city size 8.