City size 0, item spawn rate 0.0, please! :D

Are these two possible?? I’m wanting to purge the world and would feel better about it if these were real :slight_smile:

City size 1 spawned me near a town consisting of 3 houses, a church, grocery store, military surplus, and a police station… With the 0.1 item spawning on I think I lucked into a loaded evac shelter basement (lighters/matchbooks, a tent, 4 signal flares, 2 flashlights, a hammer, water, some other stuff… Checked another local evac shelter and its basement was totally empty)…

First I checked the police station and besides whatever is in the locked room it had its (customary?) 4 deputy badges lying around…

The grocery store has seven items total in it: potato chips, sports novel, dust mask, pear, clam chowder, peppermint patties, butter knife. (Only four articles of food…)

The military surplus had a mighty 2 meat MREs, this really felt like 0.1 item rate in action :smiley:

Church has 2 brazier (ouch, 0.1!)…

House 1 has a can of root beer, Self-Esteem for Dummies, a jug of bleach and a long sleeved shirt (feels like 0.1!)…

House 2 has a pot, denim shorts, a pair of rubber boots, and a romance novel (0.1!)…
House 2 also has a basement with: Guns n Ammo, .45 FMJ (1), .45 ACP (2), 7.62x39mm M43, .40 S&W, a round of 9mm +P, .308 Winchester, 8x40mm incendiary caseless, Savage 111F, and a Marlin 39A… (Here 0.1 kicks the crap out of the ammo count but nothing else…)

To the west behind House 2 are six dead scientists (and one live one :O) Between all six they owned: 3 lab coats, 2 pairs of steeltoed boots (both on the same scientist), CBM: Blood Filter, 4 ID cards, 1 RAM… (Feels like 0.1 had a good effect here too…)

Finally, House 3: a matchbook, (the only fridge in town that had an item in it, which was:) a can of cola, thread, and a matchbook :stuck_out_tongue: (Painful!!)
House 3 has a basement containing: reading glasses and a backpack… (Pretty painful…)

(Went ahead and used debug to hop to the next “town”, which was 2 houses and a coffee shop. Coffee shop has a single bag o coffee, house 1 had a flashlight and a book of fairy tales (also 4 dead army people, 3 of which have nothing but combat boots and pants, the 4th one had an ID and a RM99 revolver…) Last house had mittens, heels, cream soda and a 3ft string, for a true total of 7 items between 3 buildings… Pretty harsh).

So… Can item spawn rate get rid of the “lucky” basements? Other than the shelter basement and some themed basements 0.1 seems pretty brutal. Across 7 buildings all there was to consume was 8 things :slight_smile: And no medicine… A shower victim character would leave town wearing (hilariously): rubber boots, denim shorts, reading glasses, backpack, and long-sleeved shirt. That’s a stylish dude.

I’d really like to see 0.0 item spawning that could completely cancel item spawns of all kinds, including corpses and crates, all basements etc… Basically nothing but forest stuff, I guess :smiley: Caveman days ahead!

It doesn’t really feel right to me that the item spawn option doesn’t crank up to at least 2.0, also :smiley: Is it possible??

Also 0 city size… It’d be good if it purged out special buildings too that spawn independently as well :open_mouth:

Is it possible?? Say its so!! :slight_smile:

Maybe if you delved into the options and set them to 0? Brb. Testing.

EDIT: no, not as far as I can tell…

You’ll probably have to edit the json files to rip out everything you don’t want. I’m sure people would appreciate a caveman/wilderness mod if you have time! Hell, it even sounds like it’s own game!

Moist_dude, if you wanna do a different mod (with different structures) I’m all in. That terrain.json has a lot to begin with!
What kind of a layout did you have in mind? I’m guessing the comedy here is about spawning far away from any shelter; we have to improve on the clean water, roofing (acid rain) and clothing items issues, if there are no spawns whatsoever.
Maybe some Canadian/Australian wild scenery to begin with?

So essentially, you want Cataclysm to become a wild carrot-eating and log cabin-building simulator?

Even if cities didn’t generate and spawns were set to 0, plenty of out-of-city specials would currently generate, and some of those have accompanying spawns.

I know eventually we’ll have sliders to turn off monsters and possibly annihilate cities and special features, opening up a potential UnReal World option.