Super soldier/human weapon profession (poor at social interactions, only good at killing)

I was thinking a interesting class would be a sort of “super soldier” class where you’d have a person whose sole purpose would be fighting, but would suffer a significant penalty to social interactions (especially friendly ones) and penalty crafting items unrelated to the weapons or armour. They would also start with the psychopath trait and would be incapable of gaining or losing morale since they’ve been so streamlined to fighting.
For further balance you could add something like a combat drug addiction where withdrawal would cause psychosis or other penalties.
The flavor text could be as the war nearing the beginning of the cataclysm the moral boundaries becoming very thin and the need for new soldiers became greater

I wouldn’t require bionics for this however

Maybe also add “Hates Reading” or even “Illiterate” if you need more disadvantages to balance things out. If this “super soldier” has been genetically engineered, cloned, or otherwise trained from birth they may not have ever taught him to read; all knowledge and training came direct from his handlers.

A good portion of what you want (addictions, penalties to npc interaction, forced traits) can be easily accomplished with JSON. If you want a guide on making professions for CDDA with JSON you could follow the link I left in your thread about dual wielding.

On a side note the flavor text and descriptions of this profession sound a lot like those for PE065 “Chimera”. If you play as one or make it possible to start as one you will get pretty much what you described: a super soldier who can do nothing except fight and must do so constantly to survive.