Super Meaty Pie

Feb 13 version. The nutrition is strange after restoring a saved game. It has been that way for several versions.

whoo boy, one bite and you all set for no-food week.

that’s a big calorie for a pie… its good because who knows you sleep on wrong spot and just toss and turn until your character got starved… just eat the pie and all set.

Or hit the period key to cancel trying to sleep.

Vegetable pie is the same way. Surprisingly veggies are just as calory bomb as meaty pies.
And bratwurst, but only when it gets old.

I brought this up a while back. It’s the lard or tallow throwing everything off. I’ll check again but, if I recall correctly, fat from bugs had some insane calorie value that lent itself to whatever it was used to cook since the cooking overhaul.

The stealthy fat…

That’s why people gain weight so easily.

Just a little Food for Thought :wink: