Suggestions suggestions suggestions!

Sorry for the long list. Hope it is useful. Appreciate the great work.


– ‘butchering’ an item with removable batteries/content removes them to the ground. Eg torchlight, bottle of gin. Very quick.

– ‘butchering’ an item without removable batteries/content disassembles it.

– Mops soak up liquids on the ground like it does blood. If too much liquid, becomes soaked like a towel but will dry out over time. Can activate -soaked- mop to squeeze it out creating a mess elsewhere.

– Liquids on ground evaporates over time like how fire dies out but slower.

– Allow 'A’ctivate to work on items on the ground(charcoal kiln, lamps etc) like how firstaid kits on the ground can be used with Eat.

– Allow Eat to work on items in the trunk/cargo space of vehicle of the tile one is standing on.

– Assign one special item key to the item last interacted with that can be user defined. It is separated from assigned keys and player assigned keys. Eg - picking up a helmet would result in the game assigning an available key to it(like it does now) as well as having the special key pointing to it. This key can be user defined.

– Spacebar mostly works like the escape key. When bumping into an NPC, spacebar works like the Enter key when prompted to attack. Change to follow ‘standard’.

– Modify price of items based on current value as opposed to precataclysm value. Example: Value of gold watch = value of its component that can be stripped to make into ammo/clockwork mechanism etc. Ammo have high value. Clothes have low value as not enough survivors to wear them.

– Trade fails if trading with player cause the npc to be weighed down.

– Allied npcs encountering nonallied npcs which are not hostile may unload some of their stuff in exchange for money, allowing them space to pick up things again. The nonallied npcs must not be weighed down from trading.

– Trading items with standard stack size should trade so. Like aspirin in twenties or batteries in 100s, like how trading items with no stack size is fixed to 1 no matter how many of them you have.

– Creatures may stay around and consume the creatures they kill, sometimes leaving leftovers. Natural creatures are more likely to do this while tainted ones may more often be killing just for sport.

– Tainted creatures has a high chance of tainting the corpses of the creatures they kill.

– Adjust neutral/hostile creatures chance to hit upwards when they are fighting other neutral/hostile creatures to reduce miss spam.

– Reduce creature killing other creatures chance to give players less the feeling - ‘things are only happening because I am here’ (the reality bubble thing). Over time, add random corpses/change to environment not a result of killing/things coming within the bubble to simulate - ‘things happen even when I am not here’.

– As above, npcs become more passive towards other creatures when within player’s reality bubble as they are wary that the player might take advantage of the situation. Outside of it, they continue to gain experience and better items?

– Using a trolley slows down movement speed.

– Random world gen. Not sure how it works but creating worlds that are lacking in one facility type may make the game world seem less uniformed. Example: In some worlds there are noticeably less science labs.

– More imbalanced facilities distribution within a world. Example, in one part of the world there are hardly any mansions or in another part is hard pressed to find a hospital. This may make scouting and searching more important.


Potential bugs or other things from playing experimental:

– Bumping into an grenade hack that one has activated will result in a grenade and an inactive hack on the ground. Activating and doing this again creates another grenade resulting in endless grenades.

– npcs currently will not wear items that cause them to exceed the old encumbrance measure. Change to 10x? I looked at and tried to understand the code, so it could be this line:

int max_encumb[num_bp] = {2, 3, 3, 4, 3, 3, 3, 2};

[quote=“wintery, post:1, topic:9933”]-- ‘butchering’ an item with removable batteries/content removes them to the ground. Eg torchlight, bottle of gin. Very quick.

– ‘butchering’ an item without removable batteries/content disassembles it.[/quote]

I’d rather have it as a part of the unload function.
I conservatively let it work like it always did when implementing the new unload from the ground function (it only works with empty hands). Maybe getting rid of the old ‘U’ (and replacing it with an item choice) would be enough?
Is anyone using the “unload currently wielded item” a lot?

Doesn’t it do it already? Except without the soaking part. It should remove all liquid items on the tile.

This one would probably be quite easy and quick to implement.

Semi-easy. I delayed implementing it (until I forgot) because of code quality reasons - didn’t have a good idea on how to not make it a copy+paste thing.

This would probably be better solved by making hit chances more random everywhere.
One of the biggest complaints about DDA combat is the inability to slap around children and dogs while wearing anything more restrictive than a trenchcoat. It’s not just creatures that have problems with hitting stuff.

I like the thought of making the mop behave more like the towel does, in addition to it’s cleanup function (which is indeed implemented). Also, why do only boomers leave barf on tiles? With the amount of toilet water to resort to, survivors really ought to be leaving a lot more mess around than the text notifications and sudden hunger.

i think 0 and less melee skill should be weaker hits than missing. got a duffel bag and a trenchcoat on and can’t hit the side of a wall is difficult >>

less the 0 skill? Hows that possible?

There quite a few enemies that shouldn t be dodging actively. I think most zombies won t try.
Trying to hit a fleeing animal in melee is indeed very hard. Should it however try to actively attack then it would be a lot easier.
I amj against high randomness in combat. If you are very skilled you ll hit almost all the time . That to me makes sense.
Maybe the to hit penalty from encumbrance should be lower. Its bad enough that torso enc slow you down.

you can have negative fighting skills from being over encumbered from clothes. the torso affects melee and arms affect ranged. iirc*
found out the hard way trying to carry a lot and fighting zeds hehe

check your encumberance on the character screen ‘@’ then hit tab and hit the up/down arrow keys to see what each one affects, it’ll show you -1 melee skill for each point of encumberance on the torso plus a couple other side affects. it’s not a to hit penalty but a skill penalty

A skill penalty doesn t make sense. But maybe its handled like that in the code.
I am to lazy to codedive in order to verify. Did you do so?

Currently ENC penalties can work like that yeah, but one of our goals is to switch over to a flat penalty system instead of a “-X many levels” one eventually.

As for the OP, there are a lot of good ideas, a handful of ideas that we’ve already planned, and a few ideas I am specifically against. Sadly I am currently on my phone in the back of a car, so you will need to wait until later this afternoon to find out which ones are which. :stuck_out_tongue: