Suggestions should be classified as 'core' and 'mods'

I actually like most of the suggestions. With the mod manager coming, I think most of these suggestions may be best as mods. Since there will be significant people who won’t want to use all of them. When people post suggestions, I think we should review them as ‘good for core’, or ‘good for a mod’. Even if its a mod you like, you may not want to use it all the time. Since core code is something that will always be there.

what do others think? I know the mod manager is not done and then it will probably need to be a beta release with fixes over time, but I don’t think its that long. Maybe we should add a vote to the top of each suggestion thread such as ‘Core’ or ‘mod’, or ‘No’. No should probably be 'I don’t think many people would use this as a mod, not ‘I wouldn’t use this as a mod’. Since you can make any mod you want.

what do others think?

Good idea.

You’re right about the fact that people won’t like every suggestion, it will also be easier to find the desired mods with the right organization.

Yea, a prime example of this is e.g. the beam sword thing, which doesn’t fit the core game, but if people want a “future” category it’d be fine. Actually a good bit of the existing CBMs and energy weapon stuff will probably get the “future” label, and beam-swords would likely get an even more extreme “scifi” label or similar.

I like the idea of classifying suggestions.

my humor section which no one else found funny is going to ‘mod’ section.

I think that things that most people like should be added as core, and things that are discussed would be added as mods. The thing is… who would work on a “mod” knowing that not everyone will play it and eventually it will be forgotten? I think this thing of overselecting suggestions is bad, but it is just my opinion.

Go take a look at the DF or minecraft forums. People usually make mods for their own enjoyment, then distribute them and continue to update them if others like them. I won’t be surprised at all fi we have some people really step up to the plate to make and distribute some nice mods once the mod manager goes in.

As for what will actually be merged into the game, it’s what the main devs decided is best fitting the lore, style, and balance of the game. This may be (and often is) what the masses desire but it is not necessarily always the same.