[suggestion]/[spoiler] Voice acting

So yesterday I had an idea, if we’re getting audio (and vulkans ambient sound mod seems to be a good indication that we are), then what would be the most thematically pleasing peace of audio we could have?

For me it’s the mi-go, sure zombies and even law enforcement bots are more common but well zombies don’t sound that interesting (exceptions maybe for shrieker and the shockers) and police bots of different types would probably not have the creepy-ness factor.

Well having multiple people recording the lines of the beast would be a creepy thing to come across, so my suggestion would be that we start to split the lines up and assign them to people who want to do those lines, having several people doing the same lines would not be a problem though, it helps getting the choices up so we can have a consistent quality to it.

First though it might be a good idea to set which of the lines belong to the same in-game actor, right?
I can do some editing of audio for getting rid of background noise and stuff btw.
Or am I just an idiot and this will never work?