Evil idea: Really frightening portal storm voices

Everything you currently hear from those voices in the portal storms is really abstract. How about stuff like:

  • “Come out quick! You forgot a lit cigarette and your roof is burning down!”
  • “You need to leave now, there is an unseen hunter nearby!”
  • “There is a hulk headed directly for you!”
  • “Some weird fungi just sprouted. Don’t you want to take a look at that?”
  • “A zombie horde just passed us, I wonder if they smelled that survivor.”
  • “Huh, a stray zombie just damaged that vehicles fuel tank.”

Interesting. I can make it happen in some way if you want me to.

I rather like the portal storm voices - I find them unsettling and creepy rather than just a normal conversational voice lying to me. Like they are slithering around in my brain.

I think that I can work with it in a way to keep the eldritch vibe.