[Suggestion]Instant Cold/Hot packs

Coldpacks, chemical agent that reacts upon contact generating and endothermic reaction.
More simply, you crack up this plastic bag, like a glowstick, and becomes ice-cold. In Cata it could be use to cure traumas or lowering body temperature in case of influenza.
Hotpacks as for the above but will produce heat instead, may be used to restore frostbitten bodyparts or to keep the body warm while sleeping.

We already have heatpack, not sure about cold pack though.

Heatpacks are more like an instant campfire, unless i want to cauterize a lost limb I won’t use them to remove the frostbitten status from my face :stuck_out_tongue:

I want heatpacks to actually warm you up.

I want icepacks for pain relief. And cold drinks. That’s it.
And maybe instantly cool one body part of choice…

Cold drinks give +12 to moral.

I wasn’t aware that you could use hotpacks for warming yourself, unless something changed since 0.8. It always prompted me with an item

I don’t think heatpacks actually warm you up, but I’ll have to test that out later.

You are set ablaze!
Game over! Press space bar…

You are set ablaze!
Game over! Press space bar…[/quote]
now that’s a good chuckle. killed by a heatpack

On topic: instant cold/hot packs could be very useful… starts thinking of creative ways to use them

I could try my hand at implementing this, any ideas how to make one?

Endothermic reaction time, oh yeeeaah.