[Suggestion]Industrial Areas

There have been proposal for the introduction of factories and industrial areas before, the most recent are these :

Type of Industries :
Like the shops there should be a wide variety of industries, the most important :
-Brewery (Not very common, you can find a wide variety of alcohol products, mostly beer)
-Edible Goods (A generic definition for a factory that process food, usually the output is
canned food)
-Textile Industry (A plant for producing various type of clothing)
-Pharmaceutical Industry (A gold mine of raw chemicals and scientific stuff)
-Weapons Factory (Simple, a complex where you can find finished guns or parts of them)
-Ammunition Factory (As for the above, only for ammo)
-Foundry (You can dive into the scrap metal in this complex)
-Shipping Storage (Not a real industrial complex, this is just a storage where goods of various
genre are left waiting for shipping.

Industries Composition :
Larger industrial complex are divided in many sector, each of them with his own role, here are the various sectors that I suggest :
-Assembly (The largest of all, here all the machines and/or workers carry out the assembly of the
various goods)
-Administration (A office building, nothing of intrest… not that much at least)
-Warehouse (Now this is something intresting, here you will find crated goods, finished and
-Parking lot (Cars) (Parking lot for workers, here you should find standard cars)
-Parking lot (Trucks) (Parking lot for trucks, here you should find various size trucks)

Size of Industries:
There should be 4 different size for the industries above (Size in tiles):
[glow=red,2,300]F[/glow] - ASSEMBLY
[glow=green,2,300]F[/glow] - ADMINISTRATION
[glow=violet,2,300]F[/glow] - WAREHOUSE
[glow=grey,2,300]F[/glow] - PARKING LOT (cars)
[glow=white,2,300]F[/glow] - PARKING LOT (trucks)
The Map examples are… well… examples, I made them to give an impression on what it should look like.

Size : 1x1
Assembly : Most of the bulding is dedicated to the assembly area.
Administration : A small room for the clerks to work in (when z-levels will be introduced, this may be
placed on the second floor)
Warehouse : No
Parking Lot (Cars) : Not inside the tile, if not in an urban area it may spawn a parking lot tile nearby.
Parking Lot (Trucks) : No


Small Industrial Complex
Size : 2x2
Assembly : 2 Tiles should be dedicated to the assembly
Administration : 1 Tile is dedicated to offices
Warehouse : A small space inside the office bulding should be dedicated as storage
Parking Lot : The remaining tile is dedicated for car parking and also small size trucks.


Industrial Complex
Size : 3x3
Assembly : 4 Tiles
Administration : 1 Tile (possibly on multiple levels)
Warehouse : 2 Tiles
Parking Lot (Cars) : 1 Tile
Parking Lot (Trucks) : 1 Tile


Big Industrial Complex
Size : 4x4
Assembly : 7 Tiles
Administration : 2 Tile (possibly on multiple levels)
Warehouse : 4 Tiles
Parking Lot (Cars) : 2 Tile
Parking Lot (Trucks) : 1 Tile


Final consideration :
Obviously, with the growing size, also the rarity of such a building will increase.
I don’t think that the player should expect tons of goods inside one of these complex, because probably they were nearly all confiscated by the military at the beginning of the Cata.

So what’s your opinion?

I think, the usual contents of warehouses and manufactories should be a large amount of same type items. It could range from x203 plastic cups, x153 spraycans, x249 beef (rotten) to x99 cellphones. A hit-or-miss sort of thing.

Hey, Duke! Where’d ya been?

Anyway, I like this idea, but I’m not sure what would spawn there.

I took a pause for myself and enjoyed some vacation. But don’t worry, I’m full of ideas, I just need the time to write 'em down.

I think that RadaRadaRada is right, every factory i usually specialized in a unique/small variety type of product/s, produced in huge quantities, except the manufactories, I see them more as a family managed business, like a gunsmith that create high quality custom weapons but in low quantity and high rarity.

Seriously looking forward to hitting microbreweries.

In terms of edible goods - you probably want bakeries as a distinct sub-section of this, ranging from 1-tile “mom and pop” affairs up to the big industrial sites. The bread that a survivor could pick up there isn’t likely to be in good nick, but finding flour and sugar in industrial quantities could keep you in pancakes for quite a while.