Industrial Locations thread

Just some ideas for locations.

Firstly, natural industry.

Lumber Mill: Located in forests, on roads. Often have large areas of stumps around them. Contain a great deal of both logs and cut lumber (2x4s etc). Certain tools available, obviously. Probably has two separate outbuildings; a workshop with nonfunctional machinary and some tools, and a separate building which acts as a lunch/break room, and probably has an office or two.

Quarry: Really a flavor thing. A section is cleared out to bare rock, and there are large amounts of loose stones laying around. When Z layers are implemented this could be modeled as a pit. A small structure might serve as a break room with offices. (Note: Add dumptruck as vehicle, spawn them here occasionally). Certain crafting materials might be found here, if things like clay or unrefined ore are introduced. Also certain tools.

Farms: Farms are already in the game, but I’d like to see them changed. Right now they seem like glorified gardens, when really farms should have huge swaths of land encircled with fencing. A single farm might be as big as a whole town, just endless corn and wheat and grazing pastures. We’re already using huge swaths of open empty dirt+shrub terrain, why not use some of it for proper, actual farmland?

Secondly, industrial parks. Not as a structure but as a unique area where a new set of industrial buildings might be spawned together. These areas would have relatively lower zombie population but be populated with other enemies like blobs and CHUDs and other such terrible things. Things like toxic waste dumps and extra-dimensional beings might be more common here.

Warehouse: Located around other industrial sites. These typically do not have useful items in them, they are often completely empty, but sometimes contain stockpiles of very specific items. If possible, tie warehouses to industrial sites nearby. Ie, a warehouse near a lumber mill might contain a stockpile of 2x4s. Warehouses are locked, have no windows, and have heavy doors that must be picked.

Factory: Located largely in industrial parks. Factories are large buildings that contain a lot of inactive machinery/conveyor belts, and large numbers of very particular kinds of items. One factory may have a huge amount of RAM available. Another might produce nothing but cans of spam. The amount of stuff in them should be considerably more than you’d find in a shop, but not so much that the supply is effectively limitless.

Refinery: A very large industrial area with numerous interiors and interesting loot. I see this as a large project meant to offer some exploration and danger. Such locations may include a private security building with an armory, plenty of hazardous terrain, dark tunnels full of CHUDs, and potentially connections to the sewage system. Gasoline would be plentiful here, and perhaps a new type of monster made up of animated crude oil could be introduced. Or just lots and lots and lots of blobs.

Basically I’d just like to see the Cata landscape industrialized a bit. Industrial parks would be a whole new area to explore that differs in many ways from the suburban towns we see now.

Lumber Mill: Maybe, if someone wants to code it.
Quarry: I thought that was what we had mines for.
Farms: If the fields are this large than we would have tons of food, too much.
Warehouses: But if we add these in than people would get a mostly abandoned, very large, easily defendable bases.
Factories: If you can get the balance between too many and too few correct than maybe. But still it is a abandoned bases.
Refinery: Interesting loot has to come with some serious hazards.

I don’t think that any of the places you have mentioned have had zombies in them, so I think they should all have zombies.

If it’s all rusted out should you carry tetanus shots with you?

For the Farms, the food in fields will rot eventually. And we have limitless food with wildlife span already.

for warehouse and bases… I use the top stage of a lab as a base. It’s large, abandoned, has still door and this one even had a bed in it. and it’s away from town so no zombies.

No, no tetanus. It is only 5 days after right? It usually takes several months or years for ferrum oxide to appear.

As for the bases thing, you need a keycard in order to unlock that base. For warehouses/etc they would only need lockpicks, which are now craftable from scrap metal with no skill.

Well, slap a console and a new type of ID cards on it, that can sometime be found in office buildings.

Opposing these because they make good bases? Really?

There are already plenty of locations that make for excellent bases, adding more for more different flavours wouldn’t hurt in any way. (And of course they should have zombies.)

I like the ideas. More buildings is always good.

I’m not sure what the rationale is for opposing a building because they make decent bases. I’ll need someone to explain that to me.

As for farmland I wasn’t really thinking they would necessarily have lots of food. Pastures aren’t food producing and most grains require significant processing before they can be converted into food (not against this but you can’t just walk through a field and eat the wheat). Corn is mostly because cornfields are kind of a classic thing. Blocks sight while you are in them, spawn occasional zombies to run into, etc. He corn doesn’t even have to be harvestable. Though if it is it’s not a big deal. Especially if food becomes seasonal then you could only eat the corn in the fall.

As for mines/quarries, they aren’t the same thing. Quarries are on the surface, for one, and aren’t looking for valuable rare minerals. Mosty I would just like to see more variety in the world. Most of these would be easy to create.

I’m working on a warehouse right now. It’s planned to be kind of what you described, but will sometimes spawn with crates full of semi-useless stuff. Like, talking dolls without batteries. I’m making it so it /could/ be a viable location for a base.

If you’re interested, I can post a layout of it so far.

The first, real things that need to get done would be bus/truck stops, and if somewhat (50-75%) larger urban areas were introduced then - docks. This would give proper closure for lab and army bodies all around as they were perhaps making the last stand at carefully placed strategic points.

Having the ocean would add a myriad of building ideas.

Of course, I’m just aware that once the road generation algorithm is set in place, once could enhance the code by driving the road to the banks where the loading and storage docks await.

When Z-levels get added will underwater area’s get any love?

I was thinking flooded cities with a giant river monster living there, also new boats, diving suit’s, and harpoon guns?

I guess that if they are properly created they could be of value. But I sorta want to see them added only for the futuristic effect. I mean, right now we have shipping yards that are miles long, and aparently in the future the world is entirely renaissance era sorta look.

Underwater areas? I dont see too many swimmers now so it probably would not be a high prioirity.

True I only swim when I know I’m gonna die, which kinda sucks knowing swimming is only good for escape or sorta safe transportation.

Well, since we’re already got anomalies with artifacts, then why won’t you make a second type of town which consists of a little amount of houses on one side and HUGE industrial facility on the other, fill it with anomalies(but with much less amounts of artifacts for balance reasons), add a small amount of Z’s(because reasons shitloads of anomalies) or some crecks/blank bodies and name it Harmont VERY small amount of armored police cars?
And also chance of spawning the jabberwock in the middle of the facility.

It would be very Cataclysm-DDA’ish, ya’know.

And there could be a huge spire in the middle of the production facility that function like a spire, that spawns nether creature’s instead.

Re swimming-only locations:
Shipwreck (map extra)-metal wreckage with crates, located underwater, possible setups include drug boat, military boat, survivor boat, etc. Better gear than corpse piles or helo crashes, but underwater.

Reef (map tile)-Underwater feature that looks purty (+Morale) and supports sea life (bonus to sea critter spawn rate in area).

Devil’s Reef (Special map tile)-You may not have been born that way, but become the right kind of monster and check it out…