Suggestion: Implement an electrical pasta machine

Hi there.
I like pasta in RL and i like pasta in CDDA, but it’s a bit time consuming to make the raw noodles.
Would it be possible to implement some sort of electrical pasta machine like this

in the game?

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Does a pasta extruder just prepare the dough and push it through a grate with round holes? if so, then it would be reasonable to be able to make an electric pasta extruder or find one rarely in houses. This device would let players produce batches of pasta while reading or performing immobile crafts & actions. I’m not sure how you’d program an item to perform an action/craft on it’s own, but maybe it would work if set up as furniture (like the folding table) or as some kind or pseudo-NPC. The Electric Pasta Maker would consume ingredients on the same tile as it when crafting pasta and be (r)eloaded using medium or small batteries or attached to an external battery using a jumper cable or heavy-duty cable. Making this item installable in vehicles would allow players to use larger batteries directly or make pasta on the road. (e)xamining it would pull up the crafting menu, but only show pasta recipes and only list ingredients on it’s tile.

Electric Pasta Maker can be crafted with the following recipes

) Electric Pasta Maker
A pasta extruder fitted with a tiny electric motor. Useful in hands-free pasta production. Give it power, flour, and water, and the Electric Pasta Maker will do the rest. It comes with various heads to make various kinds of pasta. It can run using battery power or be plugged in to a power grid.


I’m not sure how you’d program an item to perform an action/craft on it’s own,

See charcoal kiln → filled charcoal kiln?

Primary skill used: Electronics(3)

maybe mechanics with electronics 1 and fab >1 as side skills?

charcoal kiln

Well never mind then. If there’s already a system created for it, then I guess that’s one less problem!

mechanics with electronics 1 and fab >1 as side skills

On second thought, I agree that those should be the required skills. You’d be replacing a hand-crank with an electric motor (mechanics) and attaching containers for the ingredients (fabrication), but you’d also need to wire the motor to a system that will tell it how fast and how long to turn for (electronics).

Also, the ingredient containers would need motors to control how much flour and water is released, so I think the ingredient requirements should 3x tiny electric motor. This added complexity might require the side skill to be increased to electronics(2).

Ahhhhhh, who can refuse delicious pasta😋

Can’t it be a tool like the food processor? Which greatly decrease the time needed to make raw noodles in the craftig menu?


It could be a tool, but the main idea behind this is mass production and automation. Simplifying it to a really efficient tool would cover the ‘mass production’ aspect, but I was hoping to have something that you would fill with ingredients, turn on, go do something else for a while (reading, looting, base building, etc.), then come back to an industrial quantity of of pasta. Enough pasta to feed an ever-expanding NPC empire. Enough pasta to drive empires and invite challenge. Enough pasta to draw the attention of local and foreign powers. The kind of pasta that men, women, and children die in the fields to protect, while others die trying to take it for themselves.

Anyways, yeah, pasta. Making it a tool would be simpler and have a similar effect, but I like automation. I have effectively no experience with coding, so the final decision would be up to whoever adds it. Making it a tool would be easier and do pretty much the same thing, so your suggestion is more likely.

Yeah, that’s how smoking racks and charcoal kilns operate. Fill them then leave for a couple of hours.

Glad to hear! I personally haven’t got any characters far enough to use either of them yet, but it’s good to know that a certain degree of automated crafting already exists.

I don’t know… wouldn’t a pasta machine in a zombie game be… creepy?

I’ll show myself out.

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I can’t believe you made me smile

I think I can create a tool similar to a kiln to automatically generate noodles. I just need to add JSON, because I have tried to make a tool to automatically produce bean sprouts.

The remaining problems are:

It is not very convenient to operate and is not suitable for the mass production mentioned above.

Only quantitative products can be produced each time, neither more nor less.

In addition, there is a thing called [multi_cook] in the game, which can make a lot of food instead of you. The only problem is that its code has not been updated for too long, so it can hardly be used at all. Making a cooked meat requires 1250 electricity - we have to fill it with nuclear batteries.

That’s not pasta… THAT’S NOT PASTA