Sub Prime Contact Console (and other Lab finale misc.)

First, new to the forums, gotta give my obligatory respect to the devs on this game. The attention to detail to everything, from house set pieces, to the super robust vehicle construction system. Mwah. I’ve been losing massive amounts of sleep, and my friends want to know why i dont talk to them anymore. Fantastic job.

Anyway, so I’ve been obsessed with crawling through Labs and gettin’ all of dat sweet loot for my sable coat wearing terminator, and I came across this “Sub-Prime Contact Console” Computer in the finale room, along with glass prisons for what seems to be one of every nether monster. I declined to fiddle with the computer, since I was in an Ice Lab, and I was already well on my way to being a snow golem. Also I’ve played Half Life, and that second option looks like a one way ticket to the splatterdome. Is this a big chaotic fight room like the others with the Secubots?

Speaking of Secubots, how do I not get pooped on by them as a melee dude? I’m at the point now where i can take a hulk out in about 4 to 5 hits, but that Lab finale room almost always brings me to critical condition. I tried just opening the door and greeting them with a LAW, but there was another one hiding in the corner.

Actually, devs, I take it all back. What is this madness hahaha

You can’t melee a secubot. They’ll shred you with their machine guns, and if you do get close, if you kill one their bodies blow up moments later. IIRC, in recent versions they have a timer ticking down for a few turns after you kill them. Use guns, fam.

Yep, melee-ing secubots is a bad idea.
I 've done it once when i was still new and had an uber powerful character (with the dodge CBM - taking them out alone, one by one), but i had forgotten about the self-destruct and after killing 3-4 of them i ended getting killed due to the blasts. (wasn’t really paying attention to what was happening :slight_smile: )

Here’s an idea: Securobots can’t see in the dark (At least in my version they can’t) So what I did was remove all sources of light on me, put on night vision, shouted to draw attention to a room, sprint past them and lock the door behind me.

If that doesn’t work, EMP/Scrambler grenades and Dynamite work perfectly.

get control laptop and high computer skills.securibots become your friend.

As of the experimentals from about a month ago or so, they CAN see in the dark, farther than a character with night vision. Yeah, ouchie.

Power Armor. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, yeah, you pretty much can’t.

How do I deal with secubots? Well, if I take long enough getting to the bottom, the zombies take care of it for me (they just keep getting up), and sometimes I have a control laptop… but if neither of those are an option, I use nailboard traps. Seriously - either open the door and line the spaces near it with them, then close the door and make noise (or some such), OR, if they’re too close, fill your side of the door with nailboard traps (zigzag pattern, so you can go through), make sure you have something to hide behind nearby (like, say, drag refrigerators or lockers), open the door, and run to the your hiding place (preferably something you can push into place to make a full wall).

That’s how I do, and I almost always play melee-heavy.

nail bombs and embs for secubots. shotgun or revolver if you must. dont melee them.

never fiddled with subprime nodes myself though.

As a melee char the control lap top is the best option in the game ATM.

If you can’t go enough close to your target there is always the possibility (in the case you opt in for Z level) to go on the bottom/top z level of your target to disable it.

Most ranged tactic might include an explosion, and in return can give some problem one way or another depend of your location (nuke bomb final lab, I’m looking at you).

Ya also don’t need line of sight, and it works against turret very well (It’s rather easy to do a mistake).

Also, allow you to pick up turret/manhack after and re use them. And bot will fallow and help you.

So if you want to hunt labs, pick a hackpro disk and make this item.

If you want to use the dark against them, don’t forget that most (if not all ? someone correct if I’m wrong) energy weapon (UPS ammo only) emit light when they fire and thus they can sometime fire back (it happen often when I use a A7). trow an explosive/EMP is usually better over ranged option with low skill though.

Well, technically, you can melee securobots. Just not a lot of them. Or in open areas. Or if you have speed penalties.

I’ve had to bash down a few of the blighters after failed hack attempts - if they spawn next to you and you have your weapon of choice out, you might be able to take them down before they give you high-velocity lead poisoning.