Skitterbots almost always kill off security bots in Lab finale rooms

Makes things a bit easier, but I somehow don’t think the individuals running the Labs before the cataclysm would have programmed their defenses to destroy each other.

(i.e. these Skitterbots and Security bots prolly shouldn’t be aggro to each other)

Well, tbh, nothing was programmed to outright kill unless ordered too, but then catclysm happened and all electronically controlled computers went haywire…
Still I don’t think skynet wants to try and kill itself…


They’re on the same faction, so if they’re killing each other it’s a bug.

A glitch in computer code causing robots to kill each other despite being programmed to be on the same faction is almost a feature, though. :wink:


I’ve been having it where (with z-axis enabled), all the security bots are dead by the time I get there. Sometimes its obvious like them being in/near the dissector, but often they are just scattered throughout the room.

Dissectors shouldn’t affect mechanical units at all. Hell, they don’t even slice up broken cyborgs, and those guys are at least 1/3 meat. I’ve run into finale rooms with dead turrets/secubots before as well, but that was usually because they had zombies in there with them, attacking, dying, regenerating and attacking and dying again until attrition did the work for them on the non-regenerating robots.

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Been seeing this since I moved to 0.D

Additionally they can spawn in the Barracks and Armory where they kill everything that isn’t a skitter (grenadiers/turrets etc)