Stylish Trait

I did some work for the wiki on the Stylish trait. It is a bit silly and OP atm.

A stylish ballroom dancer starts with 14 morale.

Almost everything stacks, and it has already been reported as an issue here:

Just thought people should know.

Stylish hobos are unstoppable.

Upper Limit Squad, GO!

Stylish is intended to provide some incentive to not wear army/survivor gear and optimize one’s volume/encumbrance ratio.

In my stylish game this meant “wear maybe one less quiver because a tux is (0) anyway and you can wear bowler hats over helmets, and shoe quality doesn’t seem to matter much”

Also there’s the “put on my suit and tie so I can read/boil water” problem. I like the flavor of the trait but it is silly right now

Regarding the upper limit. High morale gives a permanent always on 20 boost right?

So stylish should have a higher cap (as it is more hassle to carry around all the shitty stuff, and to find it). What about 30?