Stylish And Tacky

There is a point where wearing too much of a similar category of things would be considered tacky, like example. 2 golden rings, two golden bracelets, 2 golden watches, 2 golden earrings, 2 golden necklaces, and all that in silver and copper, and some jade to be safe. at that point in jewelry it would probably give a tacky moral penalty, wearing too much of the same stylish objects. don’t forget 2 stylish sunglasses with 2 fit over sunglasses. and then a pair of survivor goggles over them. you can have too much of the same thing.

also another thought would be, stylish trait could add to the tailors kit the option, Make Fancy. which requires extra materials, but they just soup up the armor to be more stylish, not as good as things inherently fabulous, but a little bit of makeup here and there can go along way. also, needs a long line of cosmetics that can be used as “zombie repellent” and perhaps deodorant to make people less appalled by your filthy presence. or use so much that they run away.


As KA101 said:

Just a friendly reminder: Stylish exists to encourage folks to not go the "Max Storage Min Encumbrance" route. So every survivor doesn't end up in army pants/longcoat, PA, or survivor gear. (Or too HUGE to fit. ;-) )

Whether it succeeds at that is certainly open to discussion, and perhaps the approach might be debatable, but whether a particular item is FANCY or not depends more on its impracticality in a survival situation than actually fitting any particular fashion. (I for one have no plans to add fashion-specific flags.)

From this I got the idea that stylish was meant to mean to implement all kinds of variants. (The tailors option goes against the idea behind stylish. If the current implementation actually works for the idea is a different issue. Have not tested it in years myself).

You could however if you wanted create a sort of system like martial arts, where stylish just gives various options (like crossdresser) when selected.