[5107] Stylish morale buff and filthy gear morale debuff error

Okay, I just ported over the save from 5081, which happens to suffer from the permanent morale debuff error to see if the newer experimental fixes stuff. No dice.

Then when I wore filthy dress suit, the debuff (somehow) lessens from -23 to -16. The +6 from the stylish trait was expected. Then I take off the dress shirt and morale got stuck with ‘filthy gear -16’ and ‘stylish +6’. Wearing a filthy briefcase later permanently increases the filthy gear penalty to -22 and increases stylish to +7.

The buffs and debuffs seems to be permanent. Someone should take a look into it.

A fix (by Codemime) is ready for this which should make morale be recalculated every now and then. Not sure if it will fix all the above though, but we’ll see when it’s merged.