Powered Welder isn't being detected (0.C Cooper)

I seem to be having an issue my game where when I try to install something on a vehicle, despite having a welder with a full load of batteries, the “powered welder” item in the list of requirements for installing something always appears red. Is this a bug or have I missed something? I can, for example, install something by using duct tape and duct tape is correctly detected.

Apologies, just found the issue - I didn’t have welding goggles. I could have sworn previous versions included welding goggles as part of the requirements? Anyway, it wasn’t a bug after all :slight_smile:

it IS a bug though, in that if you lack only ONE of the prequisitives for vehicular crafting, it lists ALL the prequisitives as missing.

IIRC the same bug appears within the construction menu too.

Ofc it’s relatively minor and certainly not game breaking.

For things like that, where you need or it should list what you’re missing as RED, what you have but can’t use because you’re missing something as YELLOW and what you have and can use as GREEN.