Strange vertical letters to the left of the sidebar

What are those strange vertical letters that change to the left of the sidebar? Don’t know how to insert an image, so i linked it.

I’m not quite sure what they are, but you can insert images using the image tags, [ img][/img](No space there) and putting the images url between them, in this case,

Odd. Never used the narrow sidebar.

Its on a newish experimental version. 3d1a8f4

Looks like a UI bug. I prefer the wider sidebar, so I wouldn’t have seen it; guessing something’s wrapping to the next line, however. Gonna ask this get moved to the Garage.

It’s a graphical bug I see with a lot of roguelikes, it’s the text you’ve just gotten overwriting the text before it.

IIRC that happens when certain messages print and overflow into that space. Because it isn’t actually considered part of the window, it isn’t rewritten over when we do a window refresh, so it hangs around for a while. You can notice it pretty easily with debug messages as well if you have a large screen.