Stop, Drop, Roll and more?(idea for a crawling feature)

So I was burning down a spider nest (my usual go to) when my character got a little too close, fire quickly killing me along with the spiders . I tried in vain to find a way out of this predicament, using a fire extinguisher on myself isn’t a thing (would be nice), neither was my jerrycan of water. I feel the player should have an option to get on the ground to 1. Avoid inhaling all that smoke and 2. Roll around to putt yourself out. Maybe being on the ground could have other bonuses like reducing explosive damage or crawling under tables. I don’t know. Just giving my two cents.

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This feature is already in the game, if you press “5” (or whatever button you have assigned to pass your turn) while you are on fire the player will attempt to put out the fire on them.

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Well now I know, thanks! But I still think you might be able to do some interesting things with a crawling mechanic.

It’s been proposed as part of a change in the vision mechanics: everything would have a harder time seeing stuff that’s low to the ground. PCs could sneak around by crawling, and crawling zombies would sometimes pop up in your vision at very close ranges.

No one has written any code to support it, because I suspect it would break a lot of fundamental assumptions about the game and would involve a lot of tedious bugfixing. But maybe someone is working on stuff in private.

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It has a lot to do with line of sight. At the moment if you hav LOS to a creature, it’s assumed it has LOS to you, so things like crouching or sneaking currently can’t actually do anything as far as sight is concerned. Similar for crawling under things, height isn’t modelled anywhere so theres no way to say “oh I’m prone, i can’t see through that window.”

Yeah, I’d assume the LOS aspect of it would come some time after the planned 3D overhaul of terrain, buildings, etc.

What about things like crawling through small spaces? You know, like, uh, crawling through vents the way people do in Metal Gear Solid or Half-Life?

Then there could be the possibility of steadying one’s aim by lying down…

But of course, ideas are only ideas, and I don’t know anything about coding so I can’t make those ideas into a reality.

Going along with the vent idea, I was thinking about maybe being able to dig a shallow pit under a chain link fence or something and then being able to crawl underneath with most normal monsters being unable to follow (with some exceptions ie: dogs, blobs, and other small / low to the ground enemies)

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I lke this. Always wondered why we don’t have prone shooting.